UCG Titanic - Too Important To Fail? Part 2

Which one of the members of the United International Association under present consideration will become the next UCG President (or, more to the point, next Captain of the UCG Titanic)?

It's anybody's guess.

In the meantime, besides selecting his successor-in-interest, Roy Holliday has been busy with Leon Walker, reshuffuling some of the few folding deck chairs remaining, as the band plays from the approved music list.

Remember, first-class ministry cruise passengers are the first to board the lifeboats, before everyone else goes overboard.

Stay Calm...


June 23, 2010

Changes in Latin American Regional Administration

We are very sorry to have to make the following announcement. With the authorization of the Council of Elders, Leon Walker is being replaced in his administrative and pastoral duties associated with the Church’s activities in the Latin American region.

Last week, Mr. Walker was requested to come to the home office for a meeting with the interim president and with the chairman of the Council ethics committee (who is also the Ministerial Services operation manager), to discuss certain e-mail communications between him and the Spanish-speaking ministers he oversees. Mr. Walker chose not to attend and instead left on a three-week trip to Latin America.

On June 20, Mr. Walker was directed to discontinue his trip and return to the home office in Cincinnati to review and respond to this information with the interim president and ethics committee chairman and members of the Council of Elders. The Council had directed me as interim president of the Church and chairman of the Council to seek resolution of these issues in the planned meetings.

On June 21, Mr. Walker replied stating that he refused to travel to the Church’s home office for the purpose of participating in these meetings. He was subsequently relieved of his duties. At this time, Mr. Walker remains an employee of the Church and, given his change in responsibilities, has been directed to return for review of his duties.

A new regional coordinator for the work of the Church in Latin American areas will be named shortly. Mario Seiglie, who served our brethren in Latin America for two decades and who now will shortly begin service on the Council of Elders, will be traveling to the Latin American region to meet with our ministers and members there.

It remains my fervent hope that we can all remember that “God has called us to peace” (1 Corinthians 7:15) and as recorded in 2 Peter 3:9: “The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance” (New International Version).

Your continued prayers for true unity and peace are much appreciated.

Roy Holladay, Interim President and Chairman

United Church of God Titanic - Too Important To Fail?

Hat tip to PG for this..

As UCG's Council of Elders interviewed four finalists for President today, the Home Office suddenly had another fire to put out:

As it happens, the leader of a different WCG splinter group has sent e-mails in recent days to the four finalists for President AND Leon Walker.  Is the man overseeing Living God Ministries offering encouragement?  Uhhhh, well.... here's a series of forwarded e-mails (admittedly lengthy), passed on to me:


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: billgloverlgm@comcast.net
To: "leon walker"
Cc: "Roy" , "gary antion" , "bill bradford" , "jack elliott"
Sent: Sunday, June 20, 2010 2:21:56 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
Subject: Fwd: Why no answer? ? ? (FROM ROY HOLLADAY)


I am sure you remember me as I remember you well also.

Over the years I have heard some distressing things about you and your conduct as a "minister." I am positive that you will disregard what I am about to say but I can assure you that you will face these points at the time you are called to an accounting before Jesus Christ (Hebrews 13:17).

You obviously do not understand WHO the Nocolaitans (of Revelation 2) are. It is easy to prove that the Nicolaitans are "churchmen" - - of Catholic "ilk" - - who USURPED "authority" (THEY DID NOT HAVE) over the people who were members of their church organizations. God says clearly that He HATES "the doctrines of the Nicolaaitans."

Frankly, Leon, you are a prime example of a Nicolaitan - - equal to the example set for you by your three mentors (Herbert W. Armstrong, Rod Meredith and Benjamin Rea). None of you ever had the "authority" you claimed and misused and abused!

I fully realize you will reject this but there are four basic reasons I am giving this to you. One: you have been wrong abusing people for about 5 decades. Two: many people have been left with the task of trying to clean up the spiritual damage you did to others over the years. Three: to let yo know that God will require of you this damage that you have done. Four: what you have done in abusing "authority" YOU DID NOT HAVE is a very grave sin against God and against those God was calling whom you abused.

I have sent this basic information to Roy Holladay, Dennis Luker, Bill Bradford and Gary Antion (as well as others) It is my hope and desire that these other men can and will repent and change their ways before they fall into the hands of the Living God. But, frankly, I have no allusions that you are able to change for you are too much like your mentors - - Herbert Armstrong, Rod Meredith and Benjamin Rae. They LOVED this "power" they did not have but usurped because the people merely submitted to this abuse of power.

The only point of this memo to you is to make certain YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD in no uncertain terms that you have been wrong and that you be given the chance to repent though, it is my opinion based on what I have personally seen in you and reports I have heard about you and hour conduct, I do not believe you can or will repent. The Bible clearly shows that the true "authority" God gives to His true servants is that of SERVITUDE and not DICTATORIAL. This authority to a TRUE MINISTER OF GOD is for BUILDING UP and not for TEARING DOWN THE PEOPLE. You have done much untold damage to a lot of people and you have much for which to repent and beg God's forgiveness. BUT I BELIEVE YOU WILL HAVE TO BE BROUGHT BEFORE JESUS CHRIST FOR JUDGMENT BEFORE YOU WILL BE WILLING TO ACKNOWLEDGE THIS FACT! That is truly sad, Leon!

I was able to point this out to HWA and to Rod Meredith - - neither changed their ways or attitude. Herbert Armstrong is now dead and the "work" her established is now lost and about forgottn except in the imprinted "image" of those who idolized him even though he miserably failed. Benjamin died before I had the chance but he too will answer for his arrogance the same as the rest of you.

What I have pointed out in this material I am sending to you is clearly supported by the Bible and by evidentiary proof I have in my files.

Since I am reasonably sure you (and possibly the others) will not repent and change, it will become necessary for me to prove to the people you are misleading that they are following false ministers. You may be teaching some of the basic doctrines of the Bible but the very FOUNDATION of the church you founded is totally flawed and I can prove it. You came out of a CULT and started your own CULT. You came out of a dictatorship and formed your own dictatorship.
Remember, God hates the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. This means He hates the "claimed" dictatorial "authority" you claim to have.

Since I know you are going to reject what I have said in this material I hereby issue the following challenge that I also gave to Joe, Jr. I will meet you on any date and any time and at any place and you and I will go before the very
throne of God and prostrate ourselves and implore Him top JUDGE BETWEEN THE TWO OF US (and you can bring your entire "goon squad" with you to this session) and we will ask God to powerfully show who is representing Him and His way of doing things. I will WILLINGLY PLACE MY HUMAN AND MY ETERNAL LIFE ON THE LINE HERE AND ASK THAT YOU (AND YOUR GOOD SQUAD) DO THE SAME.

Sure, you will cowardly try to get around this challenge by claiming it is"ridiculous" - - as Joe, Jr. did. But I have NO FEAR IN DOING THIS BUT I KNOW YOU ARE TOO COWARDLY TO DO IT!.Since we are dealing with the Almighty God then let us do this the way God shows us in His Bible. I'm game - - what about you?

This is NOT meant to claim that I "PERSONALLY" am great and important other than I KNOW I represent God and that He will back me in this matter. If you actually do represent the God of the Bible then why wouldn't you be willing to accept this challenge since that is the way God shows such should be settled?

I fully realize that you do NOT recognize the actual authority of the Almighty God. But I do and it is by that authority that I issue this challenge.

In the name and by the authority of that ALMIGHTY GOD, and, for the sake of the people, PLEASE CHALLENGE ME AND LET US SEE IF GOD WILL KEEP HIS PROMISE TO DEMONSTRATE HIS WILL!

Bill Glover (the least likely candidate for this responsibility (1 Cor. 1:22-6-27)


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: billgloverlgm@comcast.net
To: "dennis luker"
Sent: Saturday, June 19, 2010 7:18:32 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
Subject: Fwd: Why no answer? ? ? (FROM ROY HOLLADAY)

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: billgloverlgm@comcast.net
Subject: Fwd: Why no answer? ? ? (FROM ROY HOLLADAY)


Though I just sent another memo to you I am duplicating it along with the attachment I sent to Roy initially - - TO WHICH HE HAS NOT RESPONDED.

Can't you men realize that you have been trying to revive a "dead horse" (the WCG) for 30 years now that died in the sixties when God withdrew from it?

Knowing the mentality that was bread and infused into all ministers and members of WCG I know you will try to convince yourselves that I am merely "bitter" and "antagonist" but I assure you that I am not. Unlike you people, I would be happy to fellowship with you on the Sabbath and Holy Days because of the BASIC TRUTHS you hold. But, you would not want to fellowship with me because I do not embrace your "organization." Why do all your splinter groups hate each other so much when all of you hold most if not all the BASIC TRUTHS? The attitude you have expressed in recent years show that if one of the seven churches of Revelation 2 and 3 existed today (in one of the splinter groups) you would HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF THE SEVEN yet God had not yet given up on any of them and was trying to work with all of them EVEN THOUGH EACH HAD ITS OWN PROBLEMS - - AND SOME HAD VERY SEVERE PROBLEMS Do you men consider yourselves more righteous than God?

I am sending this to others so they can also evaluate WHERE they stand personally. You may hate me for pulling your covers but you will NEVER escape the contents of these memos.

Bill Glover


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: billgloverlgm@comcast.net
To: dennisluker@unitedchurchofgod.com
Sent: Saturday, June 19, 2010 7:49:49 AM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
Subject: Fwd: Why no answer? ? ?


I just sent this to Roy and decided to send a copy to you. I did edit your copy by adding a few points. You might show these additions to Roy.

I am NOT your enemy as you might try to think. I personally witnessed the demise of the WCG and saw God leaving the church in the mid sixties - - at least by the mid sixties He had already departed. God used me to remind HWA that he was committing terrible sins that needed to be repented of and changed. But he was IN TOO DEEP and felt he could NOT afford to change so God withdrew. Then Tkach learned of these sins and blackmailed HWA forcing him to appoint Tkach as his successor and then the apostasy set in. Yet you men did NOT have the guts nor the spiritual fortitude and faith to challenge him. Rather, you spent a year gathering up a membership for the new church you were going to establish. Don't you know that God NEVER works through a rebellion. He works when a person is willing To STAND UP AND DEFEND GOD AND HIS WAYS AND HE WILL DO SO WITH GREAT POWER. There are plenty of examples of this in the Bible - - why can't you men follow the Biblical examples?

Please give my love and regards to Lee Ann.

Hopefully I am still your brother in Christ? ? ?

Bill Glover


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: billgloverlgm@comcast.net
To: royholladay@unitedchurchofgod.com
Sent: Saturday, June 19, 2010 7:14:14 AM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
Subject: Fwd: Why no answer? ? ?

Why is it that you have not answered me concerning the material I sent to you? I believe that all those claiming to be members of "The Church of God" should know the truth about our history and background and where we came from and WHO TAUGHT US and the type person he was! I will place all this information on my web page so that all can know the true history of the WCG and its splinter groups.

I find your letter dated June 18, 22010 quite interesting. Your group does NOT even know what the TRUE GOSPEL really is. How can you teach the TRUE GOSPEL when you do not know what it is?

When I publish this information on my web page I will point out that I brought these matters to your attention as well as Rod Meredith and other splinter group leaders. I am positive you will ignore me and my reports to you - -0 as Rod did - - BUT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO IGNORE THESE PRINCIPLES WHEN YOU ARE DRAGGED BEFORE THE VERY THRONE OF JESUS CHRIST FOR JUDGMENT!

Remember that I was part of the headquarters team for many years and knew most of the men to split off and formed another church. You will be surprised at what i know about all of you. I helped many Ambassador coeds rebuild their lives after they were sexually seduced by GTA and Dick. And I knew about HWA doing all withing his power to demoralize these young women so as to scare them into NOT talking about Ted's sexual exploits and HIS COVERING UP THESE EXPLOITS. Twice HWA tried to "buy me off" and make me disappear because of what I knew. When I told him I do not function that way he then chose to use his "office" to destroy me and my credibility. Sadly, I almost allowed this destruction. BUT GOD RAISED UP A CARNAL HUMAN BEING TO SALVAGE ME (an official of the State of Oregon) who, when he got involved and witnessed the thousands of tithe dollars spent by the church to destroy me he asked "WHY DO THOSE PEOPLE IN PASADENA, CALIFORNIA HATE YOU SO MUCH THEY ARE SPENDING TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS (PAYING OFF OFFICIALS) TO MAKE CERTAIN YOU NEVER GET THE CHANCE TO SALVAGE YOUR LIFE?"

Why are all you splinter groups so paranoid about allowing members of YOUR church fellowship with other people striving to obey God? How dare you reprimand Aaron Dean for preaching to another group which was not "yours?" I have kn own Aaron since he was a young boy.

I personally know the four finalists for the position of "President of UCG. (I am more acquainted with Dennis Luker as I recall him when he was student body president and he had had to face some very tough problems with the Armstrongs. He - - as well as the rest of you - - KNEW there were things that just were NOT right but you allowed your quest for a position overshadow the wrong you witnessed ). I challenge you to let them (and all your other leaders) read my material AS THEY ALL WILL BE DRASTICALLY AFFECTED BY THIS INFORMATION WHEN THEY COME BEFORE GOD FOR JUDGMENT. I will welcome ANY challenge ANY of you wish to make as I know "where the bodies are buried!" Joe junior had Ralph Helge write a threatening letter to me when he tried to "defrock" me. I did not answer Ralph but went to "junior" himself and told him I would welcome any challenge in ANY forum they wished to use including ANY COURT - - INCLUDING FEDERAL COURT. Needless to say, I received no more threats. I even challenged junior to name the time, place and date and I would meet him and we would prostrate ourselves BEFORE THE THRONE OF GOD AND ASK GOD TO JUDGE BETWEEN US AND OUR POSITIONS. I stipulated that we would PLACE OUR HUMAN AND ETERNAL LIVES ON THE LINE. iI even invited him to bring his "GOON SQUAD" with him to the meeting (I am aware that all ministers that came out of WCG RELY ON THEIR DEACONS TO BACK THEM UP AND NOT GOD FOR THEY HAVE NO FAITH IN THEIR "god." Why is it you men have never been able to rely on God to back you up? Why could you not do what I did to Joe junior - - challenge him like Elijah did the priests of Baal? God would have backed you IF YOU HAD THE FAITH AND CONFIDENCE IN HIM that God requires of his true servants. I know in advance that all you men are going to become very angry at me for forcefully pointing this out to you. BUT WHERE IS YOUR FAITH IN GOD AND IN WHAT YOU CLAIM IS "YOUR" MINISTRY? Where is your proof? Where are the "signs" that are following you? I will welcome ANY challenge you want to make of me =- - why are you afraid of challenges? If one of you four men truly had the Spirit of God and was the man "GOD CHOSE" then your entire organization would RECOGNIZE THE SPIRIT OF GOD IN YOU AND GET BEHIND YOU WITH THE TRUE GOSPEL - - NOT A SUBSTITUTE "GOSPEL." Don't you think it is time for you men to wake up? Try doing things GOD'S WAY for a change and see whether or not God will back you.

I expect to hear from some of you. You may choose to ignore me BUT YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET AROUND WHAT I HAVE POINTED OUT TO YOU!

Sincerely, in the name and by the authority of Jesus Christ,

Bill Glover

I am NOT your enemy. I serve the Living God of the Bible and I do it the way He makes very clear in the Bible. Why can't you do that too?

Bill Glover

P.S. The overall doctrinal issues are rather sound (Sabbath and Holy Day observances, tithing, etc.) but your government, and the manner in which you have treated the people, STINKS AND YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT! YOUR ACTIONS AND REACTIONS ARE BEGINNING TO PRESENT A VERY DRASTIC EFFECT ON YOUR MAN-MADE ORGANIZATION.