Tkach's Denominational Redo Redoo

The WCG/GCI Canadian National Pastors’ Conference took place June 2 – 5 and Board Meeting June 6 at Providence Renewal Centre.

Thanks to Bob Millman, Edmonton (edmonton.wcgweb.org) there is audio and video of some of what took place at the 2009 conference:

Denominational Update - Joe Tkach
06_03_Denominational_Update.mp3 (audio only)
06_03_Denominational_Update.wmv (video)

Q & A - Joe Tkach

Canadian Update - Gary Moore

Joe Tkach -
For The Love Of God June 07, 2009

Better snag it before Tkach's "Iron Curtain" drops down. See the Edmonton website for further conference info. Developing....


Ron Dart Emergency Notice

Ron Dart, age 78, GTA's former favorite sidekick, blares the following warning at RonDart.com to the world:

"Emergency Notice. The Born to Win Website is broken and our Webmaster is sick. So until further notice, the Born to Win site will forward here so we can stay in touch. Our email is working fine, as are the phones, and we can provide every service, but we are having to shift how we provide audio services. I will be notifying our email list and issuing updates there. And we will post stuff here as well--but I will keep this at the top of the page. Don't know exactly what is wrong, but it may take a while to fix. Don't lose touch. If you are new to this site, have a look around. There is a lot here. If you don't have an email address, use the "Comment Here" link at the upper right. Hang in there. We'll be back."

In that case, we'll just have to content ourselves with taking a look at Ron's tax Form 990 accountability reporting:

PeriodTotal RevenueTotal Expenses
Nov. 1, 2005 - Oct. 31, 2006$1,622,422$1,543,110

Nov. 1, 2004 - Oct. 31, 2005$1,756,737$1,386,554

Nov. 1, 2003 - Oct. 31, 2004$1,341,652$1,270,075

Nov. 1, 2002 - Oct. 31, 2003 $1,217,370 $1,343,955

Nov. 1, 2001 - Oct. 31, 2002 $1,145,929 $1,212,733

Nov. 1, 2000 - Oct. 31, 2001 $1,141,898 $1,135,236

Nov. 1, 1999 - Oct. 31, 2000 $1,122,839 $1,056,658

Nov. 1, 1998 - Oct. 31, 1999
$971,457 $1,021,545

Nov. 1, 1997 - Oct. 31, 1998
$890,102 $863,561

Mr. Dart has been doing quiet well for himself and his CEM creation. According to these 990 tax reports, he has garnered in at least nine million dollars in the last decade...

But what about his latest 990 return, reporting accounts through Oct 31, 2007?

Ron reports total CEM income of $1,412,992. CEM net assets at the end of October 2007 totaled $475,021.

Total compensation of CEM current officers and key employees totaled $207,246. Ron pays himself and wife CEM Vice-President Allie a combined salary of $107,955. The Darts also together take employee benefits or deferred compensation in the amount of $17,350. Ron also gives an expense account to himself (but not Allie) amounting to a generous $30,772 for 2007.

Not included in the above compensation was $19,200 put towards the CEM pension plan. (We can only hope the future payments for retired CEM employees aren't discretionary as is the Tkach WCG pension plan.)

Other CEM employee benefits not itemized or included on above lines 25a-27 amounted to $74, 262.

Overall travel expense claimed for 2007 was $20,886.

CEM also reports 100% business use of a 2005 Cadillac (cost basis $37,116) and 2006 Honda ($27,610).

Any Worldwider interested in looking at these annual CEM 990 reports, with additional unreported information, may do so without charge through Guidestar at the following link: www.Guidestar.org