Read Top Secret Plain Truth Ministry Tax Reports

It's been next to impossible to get any consistent, solid financial information on the WCG since the Tkachs took over in 1986. You see, under the Armstrong era, the cult invented the absurd "Catch-22" glitch that one has to be a member of the WCG "in good standing" (meaning passing a computer "tithe check", maybe?) to qualify to ask for any HQ financial information. But then, a loyal, lowly WCG tithe payer who dared presume themselves to be "in good standing" would then likely be marked, branded and disfellowshipped with the excommunication boot for even asking HQ for such information. The Tkachs have a Statement of Financial Stewardship on the wcg.org website, but don't let it lead you to believe the Tkachs are open with the lowly WCG donors about disclosing their salaries, lifetime employment compensation contracts or even the Worldwide headquarters financial statements.

What Christian grace is that kind of disclosure, taking income from the offering plate, but not disclosing salary and financial statements to the Church you supposedly serve?

There is a way to penetrate some of the secrecy surrounding the WCG financial empire. PTM tax returns or 990s, can now be obtained through the Office of the California Attorney General website.

Click on the link below for summary information and tax return pdfs for tax information filed by the Plain Truth officers for a particular year. It is in the pdfs you will find a greater level of disclosure, but not enough for Worldwide Church of God members and donors to know what's really going on. For example, Tkach's hidden six or seven figure compensation on these tax returns is reported as zero - meaning none of your da$%n business! Of course, Greg Albrecht's compensation as the Plain Truth director has to be disclosed, because the IRS mandates such salary disclosure of top employees by tax exempt organizations. Plain Truth Ministries Worldwide (California corporation C0742587) was incorporated March 17, 1975 by the Worldwide Church of God. The summary link notes the PTM tax ruling was approved after incorporation in 1975.

Also, please realize that in no way these 990 tax information returns qualify as any kind of endorsement or approval of the reported spending or the financial actions of the church or ministry by the Attorney General. Absolute, unchecked power in any organization tends to lead to corruption of a variety of sorts. The board of directors of the corporation with the council of member elders of the WCG church association have the very same fiduciary duties of loyalty and fidelity to the WCG (which duties were continually breached before, during and after the 1979 receivership) as they do today under Tkach Jr.

The forms are supposed to be filled out according to Internal Revenue Service guidelines. The 990 forms in Adobe Acrobat are information required to be sent to the IRS and put into format by Guidestar to help the public figure out how donated nonprofit money is utilized, and for what overhead expenses and purposes. Obviously, this kind of information is not yet legally required to be published on the PTM and other ministry websites, but it should in the Church's best interest be easily obtainable.

Just scroll around on the summary page or if you want more, click on the yellow 990 pdf icon in the upper right hand corner for a particular tax year. Until just recently, Joe Tkach Jr. was President and Director of PT Ministries with a controlling vote on the PTM board of directors. The 990s reveal a substantial amount of asset transfer and financial support by the Worldwide Church of God.

For easy access, click on this Guidestar link, type "Plain Truth" in the search box, hit the return key (enter), click on choice #2 "Plain Truth Ministries Worldwide, and you're there! Get ready for some Plain Truth on the finances!

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