New ORU Charges Filed

ORU professors have filed an updated amended complaint in Tulsa District Court Friday, adding a count of negligence against the ORU Board of Regents, saying the Board has "exhibited a consistent pattern of negligence regarding its fiduciary and oversight duties to authorize and supervise" citing several instances of supervisory neglect, including the charge, that only 3 days after their lawsuit was filed, "the Board allowed Defendant Roberts to terminate ORU's financial comptroller - who had 26 years of service -- allowing voluminous materials and documents to be shredded and destroyed" constituting the spoilation of evidence, the lawsuit states.

The complaint also includes additional factual citations such as the University jet plane - a Hawker Siddeley HS125 Series 700A was rented in 2003 for five years, to the tune of $1,809,185 dollars.

Now, why couldn't Ambassador get a 'great deal' like that one? Such a steal!

Richard Roberts was paid $181,469 by ORU; more than $100,000 as VP of City Plex; and $41,530 by the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association; with other yet unverified income sources, the lawsuit alleges. (See Exhibit A, pg. 14).

Oral Roberts, father of Richard Roberts, visited and toured the Ambassador College Pasadena campus with his business manager in the early 1960s. It is plausible that he patterned the future ORU partly off this AC visit. He incorporated ORU in 1963, admitting the first students in 1965. In 1971 ORU applied for and became accredited. The hospital, medical school and law school later built were closed down by 1989.

Regardless of how much Oral patterned his ORU after Ambassador, Richard appears to be taking his plays right out of the WCG Pastor General's playbook.

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