Richard Roberts Resigns From Oral Roberts University

Richard Roberts in 'the bonds of Satan'?

Richard Roberts, president of Oral Roberts University since 1993, resigned from his position Friday effective immediately, according to a statement by the chairman of the school's Board of Regents.

Roberts and ORU have come under fire since a lawsuit was filed by three former professors.

The lawsuit includes allegations of financial malfeasance by Oral and Lindsay Roberts and other forms of misconduct.

Roberts, son of school founder and televangelist Oral Roberts, had taken a temporary leave before resigning from the evangelical university, fighting the accusations against him. The couple denies wrongdoing.

Richard Roberts is the CEO of Oral Roberts Ministries, an Oklahoma corporation. Robert's wife Lindsay Roberts is a director of the Oral Roberts Ministries.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that yet another shopworn name in the Televangelist landscape will soon bite the dust? Oddly, this isn't getting much national press.

Stan said...

The New York Times is running a story today, quoting a ORU board regent who resigned in 1987 twenty years ago due to the misspending and arrogance of the Roberts.

No contrition even in the face of allegations of criminality. Just arrogance, coming out on offense that the lawsuits are without basis, just blackmail and extortion.

A student claims ORU has fostered a culture of fear on the campus.