Tkach Travels Worldwide Airlines; Fall Cruises for Beer

Tammy Tkach posts some interesting information about herself and the "first family" of the WCG on the internet at AC Reunion:

Tammy (Hall) Tkach

Married Joe Tkach in 1980 and lived in Phoenix, Arizona until fall of 1986. Moved to Pasadena with baby Joe who was born in January. Baby Stephanie came along in 1988. Been hanging out in Southern California all these years, working and traveling for WCG. I've been to over 20 countries in the last 20 years.

I'm on a Tuesday morning bowling league, and have an average of 170. Tried golfing but not very good at it. I garden, walk for exercise, and am becoming a do-it-yourself handywoman around the house.

I love to make my own greeting cards with rubber stamps and have been a Stampin' Up! demonstrator for five years.

Joe III graduated this spring from Digipen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington, with a degree in some kind of video game production. He's staying in Washington to start his own video game company.

Stephanie completed a certificate in massage therapy and is about to leave for a position on a cruise ship. We're about to be empty nesters.

Favorite Music: C&W
Favorite Books:
Favorite Movies:
Star Trek
Favorite TV: CSI shows


Tammy says she has been "working and traveling for WCG. I've been to over 20 countries in the last 20 years."

So is Tammy Tkach just another six-figure, VIP salaried employee of the Church? The Tkach family and entourage, together and apart, have been jet-setting like British royalty in first class luxury around the world, schmoozing, cruising, feasting, and boozing on Worldwide for the last twenty-two years since Armstrong, using the WCG's bottomless nickle. Unreported, under the table. And for what good reason?

Claiming to visit only 20 worldwide countries, might just be a WCG Airlines reward mileage program underestimate. ;)

Anne at JLF provides some interesting details about a new Tkach Jr. video interview of himself, by lifelong Imperial Schools buddy, appointed WCG VP Mike Feazell (interview video which Tkach has posted on the WCG website); and some blogging by Stephanie Tkach on a 2004 Tkach church cruise:

The Worldwide Church of God has just launched the first in a series of online interviews under the title "WCG Together"

First out of the gate is the rather less than enthusiastic looking WCG President, Joseph Tkach Jr. The interview itself seems to drag painfully along with little life in it.


As of late the WCG HQ seems been making a number of attempts to sell people on the church.

Highlights of note in Tkach's interview:

- the mention that he has been "serving" as President almost gives the sense that a term of office exists for the President/Pastor General office.

- Tkach talks about the miracle that his father experienced in the "Old" WCG.

- Tkach called to ministry because of peoples' healing of their souls in the "Old" WCG.

- He sensed a movement of Christ in peoples' lives.

- They do not address but skip around the cult versus true Christian church issue. Just that Christ was clearly at work back then.

- "A True Christian is someone who is responding to God's Love" Joseph Tkach Jr.

- mentioned that his father Tkach Senior made both good and bad decisions. That his father's long prayers were a bit of an embarrassment to him as a child/youth.

- his hobby is beer brewing.

AND ... Tkach devotes the last 2 minutes of the interview to the state of the church today.

1. the church has planted about 70 new congregations in the last 10 years.

(Come on Joe. :-( How many congregations and ministers did you lose? How many members do you have left?)

2. There is a renewed focus on Youth ministries with 25 camps instead of the previous one camp in the USA plus the few others in other countries.

(Once again Joe ... how many kids attend compared with before? How the camps must be locally funded because the church hemorraged money?)

Just these two little items tacked on to the end of this interview.

Be interesting to see who is interviewed next.

And Stephanie Tkach does some blogging about Joe Jr. cruising for the beer, on his October 2004 WCG all-expenses-paid fall festival cruise:

"...the first day of the cruise we were in Newport, Rhode Island (have you ever wondered WHY island has an "S" in it....oddness...) it was the cutest town!! it was all little and quaint and old fashioned and so adorable!! and sadly...NO cute guys.....a few ugly ones though...

the second day we were in Gloucseter, Massachusetts. of all the places to go on a cruise..it was so not a tourist town. why did we go there??!!!! what a waste of a city..there was nothing there! it is a small fishing town and it was dirty and gross and it smelled (strongly) like rotten fish and pooey!! and we all know my feelings about fish and so right away i wanted to get back on the ship. the farther we walked into town, the worse the smell got...so we decided to stop going that direction...and i was a little sad cuz apparently the Witch House (a kind of museum thing about the salem witch trials) was not far from that town, and i wanted to see it but did we go? no...turned out not to be a bad thing though, cuz shawna (the girl i met on the cruise) went and she said it was lame...and that is all the time i am going to waste talking about Gloucseter...

the third day we went to Bar Harbor, Maine. (aparently all the locals pronounce it "Ba ha ba" becuz of there accent, but i never heard anyone say it that way..except people making fun of how the locals say it lol) Bar Harbor was such a sexy town! it was a little like newport, so adorable! and i can't really remember what we did, so moving on....

day 4 we were in Halifax, Nova Scotia. that was fun. it was such a cute town. it looked like it could have been England. and my dad, being the "beer conasuier" that he thinks he is, found "brewery tour" on the list of tourist attractions and wanted to go there. i must confess this did not excite me. over the years, whenever we travel, my dear father always manages to find a brew pub or some such silliness.in truth i think half the reason for us going to some of the places we do for supposed "church visits" is just an excuse to go find a pub...i have seen more brew pubs and brewery tours than i have hot guys. when i was like ten, i think, we went to pennsulvania and new york, and i swear we went at least 2 pubs a day...but i digress. so he wants to take us to this place called "Alexander Keith's Brewery" and i was about to groan loudly and dramaticly when he said they did a reenactment of what it was like in...i don't remember the time period...but my point is they were in period costumes. and of course i love that type of thing so my tune changed and i was like "well what are waiting for, lets go!"...

days 8 & 9 was Quebec City, Quebec. we spent the night in port. day 8 we went out and shoped and such and, of course my dad had to rake us o this brew pub....we walked around for an HOUR AND A HALF looking for the dumb place.and did i mention we kept going in circles? my dad kept asking people, and i think, becuz we were so obviously tourists, that they were messing with our heads. one person told us to go that way, and then once we were there, another person told us to go back, and i think we asked like 20 people and they all said something different...damn french canadians..but we finally found it...

Stephanie Tkach's Blog


So who will WCG video interview next?

Whoever it happens to be, alleged WCG church growth, NextGen, GC2, more youth camp emphasis, and church ministry "multiplication" is sure to be an upcoming topic. The WCG could just learn basic addition and subtraction with some real numbers, before drinking in some yeasty, fermented, heady, exponential church growth and "multiplication". Then someone at Glendora might be able to figure out a budget for church approval, and some real denominational financial statements, past due from the Tkach first "family" for years.


Anonymous said...

"A True Christian is someone who is responding to God's Love"

"God's Love"??

I don't think that word means what Junior thinks it means. Or he doesn't have the first clue what it meant to the rest of us poor tithe-slaves.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, the exalted COG ministry (pray, pay and obey all that I say) has a completely different perspective in many ways on true Christians than do the lowly membership.

Including deciding who brews the best post-Armstrong liquor of choice.

Oh, wait. It's not about individuals making informed choices for themselves. You must drink it and believe, or leave!

Bamboo_bends said...

Wake me when Church attendance is "free as in beer".