Spanky's "Canons of Evangelistic Discipline of the Living Church of God"

Rod Meredith replies in his Global interview response to the question "are you as rotten as people say you are?"

"I just had a strict personality and (they) had so many visits per week they were supposed to get in, so many reports and so on- which is overdone- the system is what bothered people, plus an intense personality. I have mellowed as I've gotten older and we are getting rid of that system." (full interview at Ambassador Watch)

Has Spanky really mellowed? Those unannounced Gestapo white glove test ministerial "visits", looking for white sugar and dissident literature, among other sins on the checkoff list, may now be well a thing of the past in God's true church. No more ministers sneaking around the corner in their fleet car to fill out a lengthy report to HQ, exquisitely detailing any personal or family problems encountered on each visit for Spanky's thick file.

And no more Manpower Committee (linked) meetings for Meredith where he can weigh in on the future implications of the major and minor private peccadillos of the student body:

"Mr. Meredith feels a lot of this apparent haughtiness and cockiness is the results of the English class distinction bred in him.... The English people tend to be that way.... The English do this naturally."

Meredith incorporated the Living Church of God in California on December 16, 1998; it was then merged into the surviving Living Church of God (International) North Carolina corporation on June 30, 2005. It was stated that "member approval was not required for the merger" and that only a "sufficient vote by the board of directors" of both corporations was needed to authorized the corporate merger. In fact, both Living Church of God corporations have absolutely no members, as specified in the filings. A lot more tidy than than the messy WCG member votes recorded after Meredith cast his director's vote in favor of changing it from Radio Church of God to Worldwide Church of God.

On April 20, 2007 Meredith had filed the restated Articles of Incorporation for the Living Church of God (International), his North Carolina church corporation.
Just click on the images below to read the Living Church April 2007 filing:

And in the incorporation papers Meredith filed for Living University, should Living University be closed, any remaining assets first are to be distributed to the Living Church of God (International), Inc., a North Carolina nonprofit religious corporation (NC SOSI: 0783290) (meaning the Living church corporation, in the same way Ambassador College assets were credited back into the California WCG corporation, which is controlled by the WCG Association).

In the event the religious corporation cannot take title to the Living University assets, the assets then go to:

9.1 The Council of Elders of the Living Church of God, an unincorporated association, of which Roderick C. Meredith, Presiding Evangelist (or his successor Presiding Evangelist in terms of the Canons of Evangelistic Discipline of the Living Church of God), is the principal or leading principal, or in the event it is unable to take title for any reason, then to:

9.2 The organization, corporation or other entity appointed by the Chair of the Board of Regents of Living University, a North Carolina nonprofit corporation.

Meredith then, has formed an unincorporated association, in a similar way to the way Armstrong did. Meredith's hidden unincorporated association has controlling legal authority over both religious corporation and university and their assets.

The phrase "Council of Elders of the Living Church of God, an unincorporated association" has a certain familiar ring to it. But how about "in terms of the Canons of Evangelistic Discipline of the Living Church of God"?

Exactly what are the "Canons of Evangelistic Discipline of Living Church of God"? Can any of you LCG members out there explain that one for your church, and please forward the inspired text for review? If you can't, maybe Rod hasn't really mellowed. Yet.


Mr. Scribe said...

Reading through that I see Spanky owns the church. Nice little family business. Kind of like the mob! What's the difference between the two?

Stan said...

As a legal technicality, Spanky doesn't "own" the church, but I see what you mean. He might as well own it lock, stock and barrel.

Meredith gave Global Church of God's board a nice little offer they didn't dare refuse.

Meredith Over All

What's the difference between the two? Good question.