Ambassador Watch Suspending Publication

Gavin Rumney today announced his last posting on the Ambassador Watch blog. For more than eleven arduous years, Ambassador Watch faithfully reported on the goings-on in the WCG and spinoffs, becoming one of the most widely  bookmarked sources on the net for lively, uncensored Church of God news with insightful commentary.   Under Rumney's decade-plus talented editorship, AW deservedly wins the highest accolades. He excelled in scouting out the latest WCG news, changes and events in the COG world, with postings on today's crucial issues  done in a compelling sort of way.  AW was truly  the go-to source on the Internet for the latest goings-on in WCG-GCI and the splinters. COG ministry wolves would, no doubt, rather suppress away those kind of candid AW blog missives from their bleating flocks of blindly obedient triple-tithe sheeple. These indeed are COG issues that deserve an answer!

The AW blog initally began with a small hosted website, then moved into its own domain (AmbassadorWatch.co.nz) before being converted into blog format. The AW blog site will remain accessible only until February 1, 2009.  Rumney will be moving on to publish his other thoughtfully provocative blog called Otagosh. Nevertheless, unaccountable cult ministry wolves need not yet break out their bottles of Dom Perignon, or breathe a welcome sigh of relief.  As any new developments warrant, Rumney promises to continue to post further on COG matters. 

Rumney's Ambassador Watch will certainly be greatly missed by his many readers who enjoy reading AW on a daily basis. I, for one, am saddened to report this development and will greatly miss Ambassador Watch.

Thanks for everything you have done with AW, Gavin, and for all the help you have so selflessly and generously given of your time and talents to others. Best of luck to you on your Otagosh journey. Cheers to you, Gavin!


Anonymous said...

maybe now these folks will get on with their lives and quit wallowing in their "sorrow" over things in the past...

Phrontistes said...

In typical fashion, Anonymous, you seem to be only seeing what you want to see. In all the years I have read the AW blog there have been few if any posters "wallowing in their sorrow". The common theme, very strongly expressed, among most posters is one of accountability.

You may wish to examine again, or perhaps for the first time, the quote on this blog's homepage, penned by none other than Joe Tkach Jr. It begins with "Forgiveness does not mean that we pretend like nothing ever happened." Perhaps Junior is your guru. If that be the case you would do well to heed his words and ask him to account for all his actions and misdeeds. If you don't happpen to hold Junior as your guru, but are instead a part of one of the other cog cults, then you should still ask your your particular leader to be accountable. That was the purpose of the AW blog, and one of the few times I think it would agree with what Junior had to say.

Pulling your head out of the sand does wonderful things to your perspective on life. Try it sometime.

The Painful Truth said...

Gavin performed a service unlike any other ex-Armstrong cultist ever did. Supplying information that would allow others to see the truth about the lie the Armstrong's propagated and make a educated decision as to continuing or terminating membership.

The Painful Truth is taking up the mantle with the exit of Gavin, but with a different spin.

We have set up several Editors. Some are agnostic, others are Christian. All have in the past supported and continue to support our mission here at the Painful truth.

Learn more here: