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Graemme and Lynn Marshall of Ottawa, Canada complain in a lengthy letter here why they resigned from the disintegrating UCG ministry. They confess,
“In good faith and conscience before God we could not sit by and remain as if all is well and nothing has changed. We left WCG in ’95 and considered it was no longer God’s Church. We leave UCG similarly and await whatever might emerge as a new organization that not only is pledged to integrity, honesty, transparency, and accountability – but actually will do it.” 

Will others now  follow the example of the Marshalls, ballot with their feet, and leave the UCG? Time will tell. One can only hope some in the  WCG/GCI ministry also have enough personal integrity to resign, as 'employee' Tkach Jr. continues to hide his pay package from the membership, annual budget, financial statements, missing board, current church Association bylaws, and where the millions donated went. Honestly. 

A new International Ambassador Outreach (IAO) religious 'charitable' corporation (meaning charity for the COG) was created in Plano, TX with Leon Walker as one of five current directors. The IAO board photos and bios may be seen here. Walker presented a budget for $30,000 dollars to be sent to the Church in Mexico, which the IAO board approved. 

United Church of God Elder Arnold Mendez, Sr. of Corpus Christi, TX was suspended by UCG Ministerial Services as the crisis continues to impact the Church. To add insult to injury, the  UCG Council of Elders  axed his ministerial credentials on August 12, 2010. Apparently, Mr. Mendez wanted to freely exercise his 1st amendment rights, while a member of the UCG -a private, international church Association. Find out more about it here. 

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