Even a stopped clock is right twice a day:
     "The Maya Long Count calendar completes a 5,126-year cycle on December 21, 2012. With the winter solstice and a rare alignment of the Sun with the center of the Milky Way galaxy also on the docket, this has become the doomsday du jour. Most media outlets have snubbed scholars who insist the end of the cycle only means an extra awesome New Year's Eve (if you're an ancient Mayan like the ones who lived at the pictured Tikal, Guatemala, ruins) and that the date may have been miscalculated and passed already. Go ahead and stockpile, spend quality time with your family and cower if you must, but definitely don't quit your day job."

For 20 other doomsday prophecies that fizzled, check this out*If you have the time. 


Anonymous said...

I cannot check out the other prophecies...time is short :)

Douglas Becker said...

And, of course, 1975 in Prophecy.

Armstrongists just hate that, for it proves that Herbert Armstrong was a false prophet and nothing he ever said can ever be believed without a lot of research -- which on the balance, doesn't seem worth the effort.

So the question is, will Armstrongists abandon the core of what is wrong with their religion and completely rethink their future? Will the ministry go quietly into the night, by admitting they were wrong, don't know anything and are completely incompetent to do much of anything religious, let alone lead a congregation into anything but error?

Or will they simply become apologists and try to work out some other scenario as their whole belief system is utterly compromised as they continue their life long pattern of failure?

It seems likely we all already know the answer to that.