Giese Resigns; More UCG Turmoil

Steve comments, "I heard that the UCG HQ has sent someone out to California to see Ken Giese. Anyone heard anything about it?"

Mr. Giese has just announced his resignation November 4, 2010 from UCG, with a self-imposed "gag order" in effect: 

Dear Brethren and Friends,

Today, Thursday, November 4, 2010, I officially tendered my resignation as an employee of the United Church of God. I can no longer in good conscience support the current administration or the overall direction of the council majority. Since much of my concern has to do with administrative and employee issues, I prefer that the details of my departure remain confidential so as not to cause further trauma, stress and embarrassment to the individuals involved, their family members or our local congregations (Reno, NV and Sacramento, CA), which have already been through several years of trial and adversity. My wife and I, as well as the members of these congregations, would appreciate your prayers as we face the challenges that lie ahead. I respectfully request that you avoid rumors or public speculation about my resignation, these two congregations or other individuals involved. It will serve no good purpose. Please exercise patience and restraint as we all try to deal with these trying and turbulent times. Should it become necessary for me to provide additional information about my situation, I will do so. Thank you for your care, your concern and your cooperation.

Ken and Kathy Giese
November 3, 2010

Dear Brethren,

I am writing to offer you a brief update on the events of last weekend. In a meeting with Messrs. Luker and Kubik on Sunday evening, October 31st, they informed us that, from their perspective, the Reno and Sacramento congregations were divided over my perceived lack of support for the Council of Elders. Consequently, they offered to transfer us out of the area. After praying and fasting about this situation, my wife and I regret to inform you that I have resigned from employment with the United Church of God, effective immediately. I simply can no longer in good conscience remain a part of this organization.

Although our future plans are uncertain, we will remain here for the time being. We have appreciated the many friendships we have formed over the past two years and have counted it a privilege to serve the brethren in this beautiful part of the country.
We are both deeply saddened by the events unfolding in the United Church of God. May God guide you and sustain you in these difficult and challenging times.

With deep love and respect,

Ken and Kathy Giese

AR wishes Ken Giese well in his future endeavors.  


Anonymous said...

Smart move to resign from the UCG and keep quiet. The alternative is probably to get fired and blackballed for the rest of his life.

Allow me to be blunt. The UCG is half full of wicked people. And I do mean WICKED people, not just sleepy or careless or liberal or anything relatively mild like that.

There will simply have to be trouble in the UCG. The PURE EVIL within that organization is so great that it cannot be covered up forever.

Don't just believe me because I say so. Watch and see what happens to that organization.

Anonymous said...

As much as i want to disagree with you and say what you wrote was wrong unfortunatly you could be right.
The are deeply political head workers in United, some of the worst people in the church i have ever come across.
Some would sell their own grannies for power.
May God have mercy on us.

Anonymous said...

True that to resign from the UCG and keep quiet. It was reported that KG actually was asked to resign from his post prior to an upcoming forced removal. Problems from the past were about to overtake him.

Marty said...

For those on the outside of UCG, why are they evil? What are they doing?

Anonymous said...

Huh. From the comments above, sounds like UCG really is Gawd's Troo Church....WCG was just the same, after all.

Don't wish Kenny-boy well, according to Otagosh, he spent last weekend poaching what few members he could from the various CoGs in his area.