Flurry's $15 Million Dollar Folly

In 2006, Gerald Flurry, Philadelphia Church of God leader, approved a set of architectural drawings for a $15,000,000, eight-hundred seat imitation Ambassador Auditorium to be built on his church-financed Armstrong College in Edmond, OK. Having obtained enough church tithe money necessary to start the new construction, Flurry broke ground on the auditorium construction earlier today.

Flurry founded his Imperial College, now labeled as Armstrong College, in 2001. The new auditorium and bible school grounds are entirely financed by the small number of triple-tithe paying members of Flurry's Philadelphia Church. The Edmond campus compound design is patterned along the lines of the Worldwide Church of God's former Ambassador College campuses. Herbert W. Armstrong, founder and Chancellor of Ambassador College, did not graduate from high school, attend any college, or partake of any formal theological school coursework. In keeping with the self-taught Armstrong tradition, Flurry's unaccredited Armstrong College's policy is to remain permanently unaccredited. The "College" does not seek outside academic accreditation because it is held to interfere with the college's spiritual training mission for God. The college name was later changed from Imperial to Herbert W. Armstrong College, following formal protest by Imperial College of London. In 2006, Herbert W. Armstrong College held its first commencement exercises.

A new dormitory-learning center was built by the church in July 2006. The unaccredited bible college has enough accommodations on campus for about 90 students. Loyal Armstrong college graduates are typically recruited into the Philadelphia church ministry or other jobs needing to be filled on the Armstrong College campus.

Flurry's Philadelphia church doctrine is similar to Worldwide Church of God end of the world doctrine under Herbert W. Armstrong, but with a twist. Germany remains the major force behind a revived European beast power, which in conjunction with the Vatican, leads to the annihilation, and captivity of the United States. Followers are taught Malachi's Message, a booklet supposedly written under inspiration by "That Prophet" Gerald Flurry, is the "little book" mentioned in the tenth chapter of the book of Revelation.

Without cost construction overruns and at zero percent interest financing, Flurry's $15,000,000 auditorium built inside his cult college compound will wind up costing his faithful triple tithe-paying followers a minimum $18,750 per seat this time around. Added to that will be the additional annual losses incurred to attract world class performing talent to the little known Edmond, OK campus. Such a small sacrifice to pay for when your very salvation in the World Tomorrow is at stake.

Will the Oklahoma acoustics be half as good as Ambassador Auditorium? So when does the Vienna Orchestra arrive in Edmond for the Armstrong inaugural concert?

To view a daylight "Flurrycam" of the Armstrong auditorium construction, updated hourly, go here.

For a revealing look behind the scenes into Gerald Flurry and his Philadelphia church/Armstrong college, put together by a former member, see this website.


DennisDiehl said...

Once again proving that the end is not all that near nor the PCG devotion so much to serving anyone more than egoman...Gerry.

Richard said...

Yeah, Dennis raises a good point -- Mr. Flurry said recently on TV that Jesus would come back "within a decade."

Isn't there a Work to finish? A place of safety to arrange? (Unless his auditorium is that place.) A final witnessing in Jerusalem to prepare?

And why break ground on Jan 6, when Jan 7 is the historic Armstrong anniversary date?

1/7/34 = first radio broadcast.

1/7/86 = anointing of Joseph Tkach Sr. as the successor to....

Oh. I guess I answered my own question, didn't I?

Anonymous said...

Oh and don't forget:

1/7/95 - Tkach's video tape that the Old Covenant is obsolete

Anonymous said...

This isn't an auditorium, this is Flurry's bomb shelter. This IS Flurry's (not God's) end-time work. Livestock, gardens, homes for inner circle of family and ministers, swimming pool for water storage, etc.

Mat 16:25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

One needs only talk to any PCOG member to immediately notice this is after the working of Baal with worship of Flurry and the rest of the wolves. No praise to God anywhere on that campus. HWA this and HWA that. Building a "house of God?" To which God is he building this monstrosity. By what scriptural command or example are they building this monstrosity? I have yet to meet the first "humble" minister in the PCG.

What most fail to see is that God removed his lamp from the WWCG long before the death of HWA for the evil that was being done by HWA himself.

HWA never "restored" anything because nothing was ever "lost."
Matt 23:2-3.

2Th 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

2Th 2:12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

The group yelling loudest that everybody is Laodicean but them is the very group who is the epitomy of what the angel had to say about the church at Laodicea. They consider themselves rich and increased with goods (radio stations, money to buy rights to HWA publications, land in OK, future bomb shelter, sorry, I meant house of Baal, grand piano, chandeliers, etc.

They are lukewarm because they won't even put forth the effort to search the scriptures diligently to prove up what Flurry is saying, they read his mags and propaganda and nothing more.

And lastly, they will believe the teachings of a man over the teachings of Yeshua where he plainly instructs HIS followers to follow the instructions of the Pharisees.

And there's nothing new under the sun, is there?

Ric said...

And it's no wonder why my "graduation" from WCG was to atheism. How many of my tithes went to building the original? For what?

The funniest hing in all of this is that Flurry's Folly is being built by the AICF! (Oh, that's the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation...)

I'll bet I can meet with world leaders by donating enough of other people's money to campaign funds.