World Exclusive - Photos of UCG Denton HQ Property!

Ambassador Reports is pleased to publish the first photos of the new United Church of God headquarters site located near Denton, TX!

Just click on any of the maps and photos for a larger view of the property.

Denton, TX is located on the north side of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. Site is marked by the green arrow on the map.

Above is an over look of the general area. I-35 runs along the left of the picture and intersects with Milam Rd. at the top left. The arrow points over the UCG property.

The yellow area on the subdivision plat, drawn to scale, highlights the area encompassed by the 81.5 acre UCG property. The arrow again points to the section where Milam road runs along the north boundary of the UCG property line.

Take Interstate 35 to exit 473, FM 3163 - Milam Road east. Love's 24 hour/7 day truck stop is at this intersection on the UCG side.

Another view of exit 473 along the I-35 service road, looking north towards Milam Road. Love's 24/7 combination truck stop and Subway sandwich sign visible along barbed wire fence.

Turning right onto Milam Road east, AmeriSteel Structures is on the corner on the north side - specializing in building metal buildings, steel frame homes, and horse barns.

New Life Church (www.NewLifeDenton.org) acreage is located across the road from UCG, further east at 1350 Milam Road.

Above is the UCG property for sale sign. Picture is taken from the front of the property on Milam Rd. looking south towards the property. Click on the sign. Note Milam Ridge Rd., ending in a cul-de-sac, running perpendicular to main thoroughfare Milam Rd. on the south side.

Another view from the front of the property. The other side of the hill in view gently slopes towards Milam Creek bed, which meanders south of the property between Milam and Ganzer roads.

A northwesterly view towards the front of the property. Milam Road FM 3163 is in the background.

Looking in a westerly direction across the UCG property towards Milam Ridge Road.

Southwestern view across the rear of the property.

Ganzer Road ranch (makes a "U" type shape from above on a googled map) is south of the UCG acreage on the other side of Milam Creek.

Cattle grazing along Ganzer Rd. pasture.

More bovine splendor along Ganzer Rd. ranch.

Looking northward from Ganzer Rd. vantage point towards Milam Rd.

View looking southward along Milam Ridge Road, which runs right alongside the west side of UCG property, and perpendicular to Milam Rd.- FM 3163. These Milam Ridge Road estates could become "Waverly Drive" type ministerial or executive homes for the church.

Looking northward along Milam Ridge Road. These home lots are sized with substantial setback - and a sizable three acre estate per lot.

Southwesterly view across the UCG property towards Milam Ridge Road estates.

View from Milam Ridge Road towards United acreage.


Anonymous said...

I still want to know what they're going to do with eighty-one acres (81!!!), and why the sheeple haven't woken up and realized their hard-earned money is better spent on themselves, for, say, food, clothing, and shelter, instead of eighty-one acres out in the middle of Nowheresville, Texas. Or should that be Israelville, Texas? How far away is this from Hawkins' compound??

Waste of money. Waste of tithe-payers' money. Waste, waste, waste. Did I read something about them being near a chemical dump site? That's not the only thing toxic about this deal.

Stan said...

While some of the photos appears to be rural, to be fair, the UCG land is not in the middle of "nowheresville".

It's just 30 miles north of, Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW), the 5th busiest airport in the world, with international connections. The airport's five terminals serve over 20 airline carriers and is a hub for Fort Worth-based American Airlines and also for Delta Airlines.

The land is in an area along I-35 undergoing tremendous growth with mixed retail and residential development. Property values there are certain to greatly appreciate.

Also, there is land adjacent for future expansion to extend the UCG campus from 81 acres should the UCG decide to option and develop adjacent parcels.


Anonymous said...

Heh, yeah, the cows and old farmhouses are certainly misleading! :)

Nice to know the UCG council is interested in a return on their members' investment. Not. :P

By the way, I can't find an email address, so I thought I would announce here that AR is on my blogroll (same account I'm logged in from).