WCG US Membership Plummets Into Nosedive

As longtime Worldwiders have suspected, most of the few membership statistics and financial figures coming out of the secretive Tkach administration have long been inflated or suspect.

Now however, the green light has been given to release some overall WCG membership and congregation statistics. But after years of Tkach stonewalling his finances and padding the membership, why now?

Perhaps Tkach thinks he doesn't have anything to more to lose with his utter lack of credibility so far by denying members straight information on WCG membership; finances; and even the Worldwide Church HQ Bylaws, still kept a church secret, making him absolute Pastor General for a lifetime. Or perhaps the business model the WCG is working on does not actually work, losing more and more money each year, and Tkach will have to spend the hidden pile of campus sale money until the WCG HQ goes into unrecoverable bankruptcy.

What does the new information reveal?

For one thing, the WCG is now claiming overall US membership has plummeted to 10,873 members total. In the NE region 4,005; SE region 3,346; Western region 3,522 members. That's a total of 10,873.

Canada is at 4,476; Australia has 1,438; and the UK with 1,467 members on the WCG membership rolls.

For the complete WCG summary report, click here.


nelson said...

I am now free of armstrongism. I have been set free by the knowledge of the totality of the sacrafice of Jesus Christ. If Tkach had not swept away all that was armstrong, I fear I would still be ensnared.

I despise the backhanded, unscrupulous way he has swindled the poor and uneducated members of the WCG that provided the money to build WCG. That was wrong.

Unfortunately, instead of freedom, 90% have fallen back into bondage. They refused to escape when the DOOR was opened. Now, they are submissive to those who knew the the truth but would not tell them, nor would they fight the theft of their property, why? because they want their money.

The former members of WCG have been victimized three times; first by armstrong, then tkach and now by the wolves that have rushed in to clean the bones.

My true prayer is that all former members of armstrongism come to know the true freedom that is possible in Jesus Christ.

His sacrafice is total! His freedom is complete! No holy days, rules,laws or tithes can buy it!

He stands ready to deliver all who ask from armstrongism! Please take advantage of the unintended consequence of the theft of WCG, the true freedom found in Christ!

Questeruk said...

Interestingly, on the same web site, the PDF version has different figures.(Under the tag 'Entire issue in PDF format: www.wcg.org/together/08/jan/Jan-Feb08Together.pdf').

While the Canadian and Australian figures are the same, the UK 1467 is quoted as 871, many other countries are lower, and the world total instead of 43,000 is 34,500!

And these are figures that are supposedly from the same source – ‘Based on a PowerPoint presentation by Randal Dick in Indian Wells, August 2007’!!!

A case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing?

Stan said...


Worldwiders are waiting now to find out how Tkach deals with the simultaneous publication of these vastly different, inconsistent, and contradictory membership rolls in the very same issue of WCG Together.

It has been obvious for a long time the membership the WCG claimed has been inflated beyond belief for a long time after 1986.

Now that Tkach has finally put something into print, it calls into question the validity of the all the numbers the church puts out on membership and in addition, the WCG financial spin dished out a couple of times a year.

Can a man who can't count the church membership with reasonable accuracy, with extensive computer programs for data collection, be trusted to quote the salary and benefits the Pastor Generals have looted from the WCG accurately since 1986? How about the present financial solvency of the WCG?

The credibility of the WCG HQ is at issue again.

Stan Gardner

Lussenheide said...

Divide the number of members by the congregation totals.

In the USA it amounts to just 30 people per congregation.

This also implies that more than HALF of such congregations have less than 30 people per congregation.

Truly amazing!

Bill Lussenheide, Menifee, CA USA