Gone With The Wind: Headquarters Property

Local COG congregations are now in the process of incorporating themselves separately in various states. In the past, the process of exactly how individual congregations incorporated themselves to fit into the respective, larger church association was tightly controlled by those in charge. 

Does the following email support the charge that these recent, local COG incorporations deployed, including International Ambassador Outreach, were done so for the purpose of later merging into a part of a new, fledgling organization- Church of God Association, Worldwide?  
Hmmmm... So the Denton property might still be on Clyde Kilough's 2011 agenda, after all...

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Sent: Fri, December 17, 2010 6:57:24 PM
Subject: New Org.

Greetings:  I wouild like to suggest that as soon as our new org is up and running as an International Church org that we make a bid on the property in Texas and make it our home office if it is still for sale.  Maybe we could put in a bid now.  How much would it take?

Dave Jenkins

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