UCG-Gone With The Wind: Read The Fine Print

 The Church of God-West Palm Beach filed incorporation with the Florida Secretary of State December 13, 2010. Five men and one woman are listed on the filing: James D. Cannon as incorporator, president, and registered agent; Dan Carreiro, treasurer; Robin Nicholls, secretary; David and Debra Jenkins as Directors, and Michael Moore as Director.  

What is one of the most important aspects of this public filing? Click the following:

Why, it's article IV, manner of election.  What exactly is the manner in which the directors are elected and appointed? "Officers and Directors are appointed by the Church Pastor"

Just what does "Officers and Directors are appointed by the Church Pastor" really mean? It generally means that the directors and officers - meaning the president, treasurer, secretary and directors of the church's Florida corporation are hired, fired, or removed and replaced by the sole decison of the Pastor. 

This is the same type of total power and total control HWA as Pastor General wielded with a blunderbuss in the WCG, and that Tkach Jr. today exerts over Grace Communion, although he euphemistically calls it an "heirarchical, episcopal form of church government" (but with no real, substantive changes having been made to the Tkach's sole and absolute power over GCI and its assets). 

Tkach tries to give his total power and control, so-called "episcopal governance" a new evangelical spin and sparkle. But Little Joe Jr. must have skipped out on his day classes at Azusa discussing governance, while Feazell ghost authored his term papers. Because so far, episcopal governance by Tkach means he gets to hire and fire GCI church and corporate boards and pastors at will, hide the money from the fire sale off of millions of dollars in liquidated WCG assets, unaccountably collect church donations for charity without proper reporting, keep the church's consolidated financial statements for the last twenty years a secret from the congregations, and refuses to publish the budget and bylaws of the GCI, which church bylaws also govern Tkach's power to appoint his lifetime successor. Just how does that reality match up to this gci.org joke page on financial accountability? Accountability to who? Mathew Morgan and Bernie Schnippert?
The lessons of granting total power to one man, who is subordinate to and accountable to no one in the church, should be kept firmly in mind by those who show up for the formation of UCA-America in Kentucky. 


Douglas Becker said...

Michael Moore? Michael Moore? Where have I heard that name before?

Maybe the spit-offs should make a movie -- something liberal, promising freedom, critical of the establishment.

Or am I some how mixing the genre?

James said...

Typical mafia type of operation. The churches of god are nothing more than criminal enterprises.

Stan said...


I had to do a double double-take guffaw on that, when I noticed the irony having Michael Moore as one of the COG-A directors.

Couldn't possibly be related to the COG's Karl Moore of McGill University, or could he?

I'd pay to see Michael Moore do a Church of God documentary or movie.

The closest we have to that is Andie Redwine's movie Paradise Recovered, which I am recommending for screening at Big Sandy's get together for Saturday night festivities.

Too bad HWA isn't around for an ambush interview at a Romanian sex clinic or Harrod's shopping spree, or maybe GTA exiting a Las Vegas gambling brothel with a prostitute on both tattooed arms.

Some things people just have to see on video to believe with their own eyes.