COGaWA Hires McNeely and McNeely, Accountants

COGaWA has announced the hiring of McNeely and McNeely, a father and son Texas-licensed public accounting firm with offices located at 205 ET Petty Street, Hawkins, Texas 75765, 7 miles west of the former Ambassador campus in Big Sandy.  


Using virtual accounting, the firm offers secure, remote-access login accounting services by processing work on the client's computerized accounting systems. The firm also offers HR solutions, and tax services; and custom, scalable solutions in payroll, accounts payable, invoicing, cash receipts, and financial reporting. 

Could this choice of accounting services foreshadow a future move by COGaWA? No word yet from COGaWA on highest ministerial salaries and benefits, or on timed future disclosures of church balance sheet, cash flow and income statements. Where's the money?


NO2HWA said...

There is growing speculation that COGaWA is seriously looking at the old Denton property. This would place them in close proximity to a large metropolitan area and airport. It also gives them land to build up a new HQ and school on. Time will tell though when money starts flowing in. There are enough rich COGaWA members that jumped ship from UCG to fund such a deal.

Stan said...

Should United develop cash-flow shortages, it may be forced to sell the Texas property, at a discounted price.

You mention DFW airport, minutes away from the UCG Denton property.

DFW airport, with 638,782 aircraft movements in 2009, is the third busiest airport in the world in terms of aircraft movements. In terms of passenger traffic, it is the eighth busiest airport in the world transporting 56,030,457 passengers in 2009.

DFW airport serves 138 domestic destinations and 38 international, and is the largest and primary hub for American Airlines (745 daily flights), and also the primary hub for American Eagle.

The airport doesn't get snowed in, either.

One other accounting factor to consider is that Texas doesn't have a personal state income tax, as California and Ohio does.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a link to post a clearer, more readable picture of the financial statement. If I enlarge to read, it is very blurred.

Stan said...

That's not a COG financial statement, just an Excel spreadsheet mockup of the real thing.

There is a sucker born every minute. HWA and Bernie Madoff would agree.

Unless you are referring to the blurred, incomplete, 45 degree angled financial statement sketches published once a year in the UCG United News. It would take magnification and a team of forensic accountants just to be able to read and interpret those blurry images.

Besides blurring the numbers and using small type as in the United News, another accounting trick the COGs use is to change terms and use vague financial categories from year to year, rendering year to year comparisons, financial ratios, and spotting trends difficult or impossible to make.

Deleting footnotes that CPAs require to sign off on the inside statements is another trick to keep the members marginally informed.

That's how Herbert got his Apostle's jet stolen from third tithe funds, the WCG did undisclosed business with closely-held companies owned by those who at the same time were employees on the payroll, and other unethical, "dirty trick" shenanigans with the financial reporting done to the church.

If anyone has financial insider info from the church, such as statements, salary payroll, accounts payable, canceled checks, cash bonuses or benefits, digitize or scan it in legibly and email it to ambassadordot reports and thats at gmail.com

We'll publish it in a future edition of Ambassador Reports.


Anonymous said...

"Just an excel spreadsheet mockup of the real thing."

Any wonder that I fell for all the nonsense preached in the WCG for 13 years !!

Anonymous said...

McNeely, as in, member of the church McNeely?

Well, that's ONE way to cover your ass(ets)....