Gone With The Wind - Or Ready For Takeoff? COGaWA

COGaWA- Ready For Takeoff?
This morning in Louisville, the results of the vote for the name of the new COG sect were announced.  Of 118 total ballots cast yesterday, a majority, or 78 ballots were in favor of naming the new splinter, “Church of God, a Worldwide Association”

Also yesterday, the option to extend the terms of the leadership team and directors of the Florida corporation, until a permanent corporate and church association governance was approved. As a result, corporate directors and officers, and “temporary” leadership COGaWA are:

The Church of God, a Worldwide Association, Inc., Initial Directors and Officers of the Florida Corporation:

Michael Hanisko - President, Ken Giese; Secretary, Greg Sargeant;  Treasurer, George Evans; Roger West

COGaWA incorporation filing in Florida (link)

COGaWA “Temporary” Leadership Team:

Jim Franks, Doug Horchak, Clyde Kilough, David Register and Richard Thompson

Tuesday, Jan 11, 2011 marks the last scheduled half-day for the Lousiville, KY COGaWA conference proceedings.

Tuesday morning, Dave Meyers spoke about potential youth camps development. Depending on geographical distribution of COGaWA membership, areas were being drawn up in which to hold future youth and teen camps. He said youth camps were critical to fostering further religious development,  preferably starting in the early formative years.

Dave Trebig outlined future publications development from an editorial services perspective. Because of church development in 1995 and beyond, he said the church should have no problems producing new literature, due to having been on “The Apprentice” program for the last fifteen years.  The COGaWA  has the ability to create a “virtual office”.  It could, for example, teleconference to plan out a magazine, with  review  conducted throughout the stages of the production process. Edits and graphics could be incorporated into the writing process. This virtual collaboration could produce a much better work product. It could then be sent it to a printer to print,  in whatever form or format desired.

He said one way to start the process might be for COGaWA to begin producing what is designed as “first contact” literature- the very first information packet that is sent out in response to inquiries.

He recalled that in the aftermath of 1995, proving that doctrines still stood was of primary consideration, but not today. One possible idea, he said, would be to combine booklets together. One  booklet could be done for both baptism and conversion; another booklet made  for holidays and holy days, leading from milk to meat in an “orderly process”.

The trend in most major denominations is to no longer have a magazine. The internet will likely be the primary COGaWA delivery tool. More international areas are getting net connections. Internet access is continuing to grow. Another prospective idea put forth would be to incentivize co-workers who donated money with printed literature, or by other means.  He reminded the audience that Armstrong wanted material that wasn’t stale, so he updated and modernized his material every few years,  keeping it fresh for the greatest possible impact.

Doug Horchak talked about some logistical considerations for future sites for the COGaWA Feast of Tabernacles. Nine different regions of the country are designated as festival areas. It is widely known if rooms are booked in advance at a given hotel, the hotel will usually throw in the meeting space completely free, or at a heavily discounted rate. However, members don’t want to spend their entire feast inside a hotel, so that factor must be taken into consideration. Also, satellite links or internet web casting possibly might be utilized for those that can’t travel.

After the break, a speaker remarked it wasn’t about the move to Texas or other issues. The present split  came about, he said,  because of the “abusive way” elders and members were treated, and unethical behavior of the the leadership.

Concluding the ministerial conference,  Andre van Belkum’s remarks tended to bolster the troops. Recalling the recent Qantas A380 mid-flight emergency engine failure, he made the point that the pilot focused not on what wasn’t working, but on what was working - which can make the difference to an outcome.

He mentioned the governance committee he attended is considering many possible forms of church governance which might take shape in COGaWa. Many suggested forms of church governance were put up for discussion on the white board. Additional suggestions were taken for various governance scenarios under consideration, and the process was started over again.

Regardless of the final governance outcome, any church government will not work “no matter what it is”, if pride overrules.  “Humility is needed to make it work”, he said.

COGaWA 2011 Louisville conference proceedings were then concluded.

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