Gone With The Wind: United Casualties Staggering

The number of UCG ministry who have resigned or been fired by any estimation is truly staggering. By one estimation, 124 UCG elders have resigned or been fired. 

59 full time pastors have currently resigned/been fired. Others are anticipated to depart UCG.  

Vic Kubik noted on December 6 there were 87 full time pastors in the field. This was after 13 firings or resignations took place.  

Out of the 59 current pastors, this could result in UCG having 29 full-time pastors remaining. 

The resignations: 

-6 Camp directors (out of 7), including the national UYC coordinator
-2 Full time ABC faculty members (out of 3)
-1 Adjunct ABC faculty member (out of 4)
-3 ABC guest instructors (out of 8)
-2 Youth Corp program heads (out of 2)
-8 US Feast Site Coordinators (out of 11)
-Coordinator of Louisville Winter Family Weekend
-Former Operations Manager of Media
-2 Former Operations Managers of Ministerial Services
-6 former Council of Elders members
-2 Former Presidents of UCG

In this fog of war, one begins to wonder if UCG will survive to fight another day.

Today's resignations: Barry Korthuis, Scott Lord, Steve Moody, John Perry. 


Anonymous said...

Maybe a good house cleaning is in order.

Anonymous said...

Since they are all resigning, wouldn't it just be easier if the terminated/resigned ministers all returned, kicked out the few remaining die-hards, and got their tithe machine rolling again?

So much easier than starting another splinter.

Stan said...

I see your point.