Gone With The Wind: Or United?

   Oh Ashley! What should we do; and where do we go?

Gary Scott has a brilliant piece up at The Critical Edition-Annotations and scribblings at the end of the age, "History Repeats" about the current crisis in the UCG. He outlines the history of governmental issues in the three main Worldwide Church of God splinters, and then comments on a letter the UCG ministry sent to Dennis Luker. He observes because of the governmental model the UCG chose, they have eliminated the possibility of claiming divine leadership. He goes on to say:
This sort of administrative secret police seems more fitting for the more closed Churches of God such as the PCG or the RCG; an “open” organization like the UCG shouldn’t have closed-door, unappealable (for all intents and purposes) trials. Yet such leadership strategies shouldn’t be surprising: they are in the DNA of the Churches of God.
And be sure not to miss Mr. Scott's "The Sound of Respect" found here.  Are rank and file in the COG to be seen, but not heard? More may be found out about that very issue at the at the soon coming Louisville conference.

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