The "Oh Dear, Not Again Church"

The Know-Nothing Lads in Louisville: I heard Nothing, I said Nothing, and I read Nothing

The "Oh Dear, Not Again Church"- that's what someone jokingly suggested COGaWA should be named in Louisville this morning. 

Now that it is known that publisher Dixon Cartwright was Banned! from reporting at the COGaWA Conference, maybe the next edition of The Journal should include a one inch black border around the edges, to fittingly protest such an Orwellian move by the lads in Louisville. Censoring the press - have they no honor, no decency, no sense of shame?


Steve said...

I wonder why Dixon Cartwright is such a threat to those assholes? He's mild compared to the rest of the blogs.

SAJ said...

1-There was a live broadcast of the sessions for anyone to hear, so DC wasn't shut out.
2-DC and his publication THE JOURNAL have an obvious strong bias for UCG--so why is it a surprise? He's more curious than actually interested.
Relax, everyone.

Stan said...


Under your line of reasoning, Dan Rather would justifiably be kept away from all the delegates and get thrown out of the national convention.

Only a completely staged video convention package would be permitted for public consumption with glowing, carefully packaged press releases.

COGaWa is internet casting this only because it reasons the gains in publicity are worth the drawbacks in sunshine. Stan Rader made the same calculus when he staged the interview with Mike Wallace on 60 minutes.

There are plenty of other stories - say, human interest stories - besides the official line the COGaWa is putting out.

And if COGaWa wanted their own space or wanted put their unedited views in The Journal, I am sure he would make those arrangements.

Stan Gardner

Richard said...

As a journalist by trade, I can tell you a live webcast is one thing. It's good that CGWA did that.

But asking questions outside it and getting a "feel of the hall" for reaction is another thing. Ask any Washington reporter who's covered political conventions.

Stan said...

Well, if you ask Roger Ailes, he'll tell you the live webcast was a COGaWA media tactic to set the agenda on their own terms.