COGW Ministry Fallout

"I'm angry. Waste always makes me angry,
 and that's what all this is, sheer waste." -Rhett Butler

Church of God, a Worldwide Association, has announced a total of 68 ministry assignments allocated on their website. These 68 men are divided amongst 97 reconstruction congregations in the COGW ministerial spoils system. That leaves 29 cities on divided circuits.

Most states are allocated one or two of the former UCG ministry for the entire state.  For example, Bruce Gore takes Atlanta, GA and travels to Jefferson, GA; while Don Waterhouse oversees Augusta, GA;  Columbia, SC; and Florence, SC.

Florida has highest number of UCG ministerial defections allocated- seven, with ten congregations formed: Rhodes, Haeffele, Greider, Thompson, Demarest, Trebig, and Hampton. 

Texas has six, but nine congregations listed: Franks, Horchak, Trebig, Taylor, Servidio, and Pierce. Servidio and Pierce split Houston North and South. 

Ohio has five: Meyers, Jahns, Moen, Welty and Johnson. Welty has Cincinnati and Columbus/Cambridge. 

The complete list of COGW ministers, cities, and phone numbers, is found here.

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Douglas Becker said...

Just how are the winter storms affecting the UCG conference scheduled this week?