UCG V. COGaWa War Update

Brent Tarleton: What do we care if we *were* expelled from college, Scarlett? The war is gonna start any day now, so we'd have left college anyhow. 
Stuart Tarleton: Oh, isn't it exciting, Scarlett? You know those fool Yanks may actually *want* a war? 
Brent Tarleton: We'll show 'em! 
Scarlett: Fiddle-dee-dee. War, war, war; this war talk's spoiling all the fun at every party this spring. I get so bored I could scream. Besides... there isn't going to be any war. 
Brent Tarleton: Not going to be any war? 
Stuart Tarleton: Why, honey, of course there's gonna be a war. 
Scarlett: If either of you boys says "war" just once again, I'll go in the house and slam the door. 
Brent Tarleton: But Scarlett... 
Stuart Tarleton: Don't you *want* us to have a war? 
Scarlett Well... but remember, I warned you. 

This is the latest map of terminations and departures in the war as of December 31, 2010. The blue pins represent pastors still associated with UCG. The red pins represent pastors that have resigned from UCG. The yellow pins represent elders that have resigned from UCG.

The listing below is from the second page listing elder resignations. Each yellow pin on the map can represent several elders resigning from that specific location on the map. At the righthand sidebar there is have a link to the live map. Once you arrive at that page, you'll need to click on the live map's yellow pin to list the elders for that map pin location.
Gadsden, AL
Tom Kirkpatrick
Donald Erickson
Elder, Minneapolis, MN
John Pentlin
Elder, Kansas City, KS
Greg Swartz
Elder, Columbia, MO
Don Shaw
Elder, Roanoke, VA
Charles Haughee
Elder, Tampa Bay, FL
Bob Peoples
Elder, Austin, TX
John Richard Seiver
Elder, Houston South, TX
Frank Pierce
Elder, Houston South, TX
David McCarble
Elder, Houston South, TX
Phillip Sandilands
Elder, Dallas, TX
Bernard Hongerloot
Elder, Cincinnati, OH
George Evans
Elder, Cincinnati, OH
David Evans
Elder, Cincinnati, OH
Cecil Maranville
Elder, Phoenix, AZ
Neil Hart
Elder, Salt Lake City, UT
Michael Machin
Elder, Orlando, FL
William Kubon
Elder, Ocala, FL
James W. Hudson
Elder, Oklahoma City, OK
Steve Villaescusa
Elder, Raleigh, NC
Larry Lambert
Elder, Charlotte, NC
Jack Willoughby
Elder, Bentonville, AR
King Finley
Elder, Allentown, PA
Thomas Seltzer
Elder, York, PA
Steve Ferenchiak
Elder, North Carolina
Arnold Burns
Elder, North Carolina
Tom Diaz
Elder, Laurel, MS
Flavious Adkins
Elder, St Louis, MO
Tim McTiernan
Elder, St. Petersburg, FL
Alton Head
Elder, Fort Worth, TX
Dick King
Elder, Northern California
Glenn Harmon
Elder, Portland, OR
Fred Davidson
Elder, Ocala, FL
Dan Anderson
Elder, Phoeniz, AZ
Mark Hampton
Elder, New Hampshire, Mass
Alan Pachinger
Elder, Cleveland, OH
Martin Cole
Elder, MA, NH
Leroy Neff
Elder, Big Sandy, TX
Dempsey B. Bruton III
Elder, Williamsburg, VA
Melton McNeely
Elder, East Texas
Don Thomas
Elder, Mobile, AL
Harold Rhodes
Geneva, AL
Geneva, AL
Pensacola, FL
John Lusk
Elder, Dallas, TX
Ed Jacobs
Elder, Stockton, CA
Ed Oliver
Elder, Salem, OR
Harold Rhodes
Mobile, AL
Ralph Levy
Elder, Cincinnati, OH

Darris McNeely has done a video with transcript to stem the tide of desertions from UCG and sound plausible explaining how the UCG will survive the crisis. J at Shadows of WCG Next Generation has coverage. 

Church of God, a Worldwide Association was incorporated in Florida December 23 with Mike Hanisko, president, by attorney Jason Ranew. Ranew, graduate of the Univ of Akron School of Law, former Florida state prosecutor now in private practice, has written this Good News article, and a piece in Vertical Thought.  The incorporation papers filed state the directors will be "elected or appointed as specified in the bylaws" of the corporation, which punts the question of how the power structure in COGaWa will operate.

Church of God aWa has a new website found here. Ministerial Conference to be held in Louisville, KY January 9-11, 2011. Check out the ministerial  conference policy on attendance. Hmm...does that mean Dixon Cartwright gets tossed out again? Tossed out in a Christian way, of course. 


Anonymous said...

Blue pins to add: Macon and Columbus, GA.

Pastor Ken Martin told his congregations during his sermon today he's staying.

Anonymous said...

Add a blue pin for Vince Szymkowiak , Pastor, St Louis, Rolla MO & Troy IL

Stan said...


Ambassador Reports doesn't produce the map, just links to it.

Try leaving a comment on the map website.